Research reveals that todays kids are weaker in health

November 21, 2013 Kids Health  No comments

A research reveals that kids in this generation are weaker than their parents. This generation’s 9 to 17 years old kids are 90 seconds slower to run the the same distance ran by kids 30 years ago reveals the research.

This research also reveals that health of their heart is also 5% less compared to kids from 30 years ago. This research goes on to reveal that the fitness level did not drop in Europe countries, America and Japan but it is dropped in Asian countries. The research was conducted with 25 million kids from around the world and among them 20 million kids were Asians.

The interesting thing to think is that 30 years ago the kids were having less home work, video games and junk foods but today the amount of junk food and stress from schools have increased to the level that this stres...

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Alphabet Song for LKG Kids

September 18, 2013 Rhymes  No comments

alphabet song

LKG kids can learn alphabets from this song and this song also teaches individual alphabets like A, B, C. This alphabet song is taught in LKG Class in all schools. There are many variations of this ABC song but this tune is the right one and children enjoy it.

Play this song to your kids who is studying LKG class and kids that are in Pre-KG. Even 2 years old kids too pick up this song. This Alphabet phonic song will teach your kids ABC and also the tune which very good for kids to improve their concentration and observing power.

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Conversation training for LKG Kids

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This conversation training for lkg students video teachers your kids how to talk in English with basic conversational steps. It starts teaching your kids ‘What’s your name?’, ‘what’s your school name?.. etc. Very basic english speech traning for your kids. Teach your LKG going kid how to talk in english and make hime or her best student of the class.

Parents must know that the class teachers of LKG and UKG love the students who are talketive and who responds well to their instructions. So, it is wise for the parents to teach their children with speech training from such videos at home.

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Cursive Handwriting Practice

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Cursive Handwriting Practice sheet for your little ones. Download the pdf file and print it. Now guide your kid to write cursive letters on the sheet that you printed from the pdf file. The instructions on how to practice cursive handwriting is given on the page itself. You read it first and explain your kid how to write cursive letters. Great resource for you to teach your kid cursive handwriting and your kid can practice with ease. You print this pdf as many times as you want and help your kid practice cursive writing regularly.

Download: ABC Cursive Writing Practice Sheet



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